About Commut

What is Commut ?

What are the current routes available?

Is it a 24/7 service?

How should I avail Commut services?

What about Windows / Tizen users?

We are an organization looking for Employee Transportation Services. Can Commut help us?

But wait, is it safe?

Booking a ride

Where can I book a ride in Commut ?

I was trying to register and I haven’t received the OTP yet.

How should I pay for my ride?

Can I pay using my Paytm wallet?

I am an iPhone user. I have tried adding money to my Commut wallet. Amount got deducted from my wallet, yet it’s not being reflected in my Commut wallet.

There is no Commut in my route. What should I do?

Monthly Subscription

How can I book rides for an entire month?

What if I am going to be on a leave for a few days?

Can I book a monthly subscription for only one way?

But why should I take a monthly subscription?

Ride Cancellation  

How can I cancel a ride I booked?

If I cancel my ride, how long will it take to get my refund?

My ride was cancelled last week and I still haven’t got my refund. What should I do?

I am not using Commut now. Can I get my Commut balance refunded to my bank account?